Andy’s Story

We lost our dear friend Andy in January. I was approached by the producer from KWIT, our local public radio station, about writing a piece to honor our friend. Andy loved listening to public radio. 🙂 After several edits of a longer piece I wrote, we finally ended with the perfect story. At first, I … Continue reading Andy’s Story


Our friend is dying, this is not fair! A life so full of energy, just taken away. A brother, a son, and a father..... this is not fair for the poor little girl.   A slow death, snuffing out the light of a man who truly cares about his friends and his family. No, this … Continue reading Unfair

The Frailty of Life

Frail Our cat is pregnant. It has been such an exciting time for our family! The kids have been taking such good care of her. They make sure she eats enough, they have been rubbing her belly, and all that good stuff. They even were making bets on how many kittens she would have. This … Continue reading The Frailty of Life

Once Before

There is a dark cloud coming down, faster than ever before. Its presence made known to all around, even before knocking on the door.   It's a prison of sorts, for the innocents, those who have lived it before. It will take and take, until one suffocates, leaving to search for some more.   Hold … Continue reading Once Before

Terror Among Us

In light of yesterday's horrific events in Paris, everything seems so trivial now. The grocery shopping, the bills that need paid, the laundry, etc. Nothing seems to match the scale of importance as all of the lives senselessly taken yesterday. I have the same feelings that I had on 9/11. Same fear, same anger, same … Continue reading Terror Among Us

It’s Not Always Black and White

We had a relative recently die while in police custody. It was tragic and sad and unexpected. He was white, and the officers that were with him were white. We didn't riot. Why not? Why didn't we riot and burn our city? Why didn't we scream the injustice of white on white brutality? Why was … Continue reading It’s Not Always Black and White