Literally Literal

I am a very literal person. Words. I love them. When I am listening to a song, I tend to focus more on the words then the music. (Most of the time). If I am with someone in my car, I'll say, "Wow! Did you hear those lyrics?" To which I usually get a reply … Continue reading Literally Literal

I Am A Child Of Divorce

Someone once told me that being a child of divorce will change you in negative ways. It will map the route of your future relationships, and scar you from ever fully trusting anyone. Do you think this is true? I'm a child of divorce. My parents were married for 10 years, and divorced when I was … Continue reading I Am A Child Of Divorce

Too Young

I just received word that my very best childhood friend passed away last night. Christmas night. How does that even make sense? Hilary and I grew up in Wyoming together, and were the best of friends, until I moved to Iowa in 5th grade. We still wrote letters, but as time passed, we lost contact … Continue reading Too Young

If I Jump, You Jump…….Right??

Changes in life are always less scary if you have someone to walk the journey with you. Even if they aren't experiencing the same exact change you are, it is great to have someone there to be your cheering squad, your encourager, your voice of reason. Can the same be said that sometimes, when faced … Continue reading If I Jump, You Jump…….Right??


Is it human nature to always complain about today, but long for everything that was in yesterday? Knowing that the today you are complaining about, will shortly be the yesterday you long for...... Change is scary, but it helps to keep you driven and moving forward. So that, maybe, you will no longer crave the … Continue reading Change