Little was gained in recognition while time moved forward in years. Diligent there was a purpose, yet followers stayed back with fears. The eerie cloud of most suspicion lies under the blanket of doubt. He strived for greatness anyway not looking to gain any clout. On that day there was a premonition, where doom greatly … Continue reading Premonition

I Tend To Be Me

I tend to say things I don't really mean, and in the end I feel rather hopeless. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, and I'm easily hurt, don't you know this? I tend to get nervous around other people, and sometimes I act rather foolish. I tend to self doubt, when compared … Continue reading I Tend To Be Me

Don’t Tell Me What To Do

Why are we a society of people pleasers? What happened to being able to think for ourselves, and decide what makes us feel happy solely based on it making us happy? Even in the 4th grade I am watching it play out, and I can't help but feel sad for the future of those already … Continue reading Don’t Tell Me What To Do