Life gets busy!

It has been so long since I have written anything! It seems like I got caught in a whirlwind in life for about the past month, and haven’t had time to rest. It’s a good thing to be busy, though. My biopsy of the growth in my thyroid came back non-cancerous. The doctor is just going to watch it for now. Not sure if I am 100% comfortable with that, but I’m going with it for now. I’m just happy to have bypassed cancer for now.

I was able to read a story I wrote at a gathering for writers to share their stories with other people in the community. It was such an amazing opportunity for me. I was a bit nervous, but felt very accomplished when I was done, and the crowd was clapping for me. 🙂

School is out for the kids, and summer has begun! My son had his birthday party yesterday. His actual birthday is Thursday, but we always try to celebrate it the weekend before. (Since the following weekend is the fourth of July). The party was Hawaiian themed, and there was swimming and ice cream galore. The best part was that the rain stayed away until after the party was done! Another birthday party successfully in the books.

And, last but not least, I am all signed up for my classes in the fall to finish my bachelor’s degree. I cannot wait to start. It is such a great feeling to have this journey start up again, even though it’s been stalled for fifteen years.

I hope everyone has been doing well. XOXO


2 thoughts on “Life gets busy!

  1. I love reading every single thing you write!! I’m so proud of you! I’m glad you are starting to do what you love…writing. Life does get crazy busy for everyone so don’t think I ever have forgotten about you and keep up this writing I’d like to buy a few books by my favorite author….YOU!

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