Family First?

I am convinced, as I have said many times before, that I was meant to be born in a different time. My focus today is on family. It seems that, in decades past, family was so much more important than it is now. I’m not just talking about siblings and parents, but all family…..grandparents, cousins, aunts, etc. I truly believe that a tight family bond is so important.

I have one side of my family that holds this thought very dear. My grandparents are such special people, and always keep in touch with me. My grandma even emails me more than she calls now! Go grandma! My cousin and I were best friends growing up, and every time we see each other now, we pick up right where we left off. My aunt and uncle keep in touch with me via mail and email. I absolutely adore that side of my family, and always long for more time with them.

Now, I have another side of my family, that is the complete opposite. Each and every one of them live in their own little worlds, and they seem to pick and choose which family member is allowed in. Some of us make it, some don’t. It’s annoying, really, and I have chosen to separate myself from the majority of that side of the family. Too many broken promises of time, too many hurtful words behind people’s backs, and too many false faces at family gatherings.

What would make family not want to spend time with other members of the same family? Selfishness? What do they have to hide, that they cannot let anyone in? It makes me sad, that when I call one of my relatives to say I’ll be coming to the town where they live, and would like to see them, even for a brief moment, and they tell me that they can’t because they have gardening to do……

To put it into even more perspective, my step cousin…..who I am not blood related to at all…..called me to say he and his family were coming through my city, and wanted to know if I had time to see them. We haven’t seen each other in three years, so yes, I do have time. He called when they were in town, and met us where we were at. We spent all of a half hour together, before they had to leave town, but it was so great to see him and his family. I made the time, because we are family.

Family is so important. But some family can be toxic, and they will never change. It is at that point that you have to cut ties, just so you won’t get hurt by them anymore.

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