It’s Not Always Black and White

We had a relative recently die while in police custody. It was tragic and sad and unexpected. He was white, and the officers that were with him were white. We didn't riot. Why not? Why didn't we riot and burn our city? Why didn't we scream the injustice of white on white brutality? Why was … Continue reading It’s Not Always Black and White

Air To Breathe

Help, I cannot breathe. Something is taking over me. The weight is crushing my will to be. Why won't it go away? I refuse to let it selfishly stay. It will not permanently make me this way. Help, I cannot breathe! It is air that I truly need. From this prison I need to be … Continue reading Air To Breathe


I'm exhausted. Seriously, I am feeling overworked and unhappy. I am currently working three jobs......which will explain my absence on WordPress. I simply do not have enough time for me anymore. I'm changing that. I have no need financially to be working three jobs. My quandary, however, is that I have three amazing jobs. So, … Continue reading Rambling