Too Young

I just received word that my very best childhood friend passed away last night. Christmas night. How does that even make sense? Hilary and I grew up in Wyoming together, and were the best of friends, until I moved to Iowa in 5th grade. We still wrote letters, but as time passed, we lost contact with each other. Just three years ago, we found each other on Facebook. It was so wonderful to catch up with her, and share life milestones together.

When we were kids, she would wait for me at her house, and we would walk to school together. Everyday, she would wait for me. We had birthday parties together, were in Girl Scouts together, wrecked our bike together when we tried to ride two people on one bike. She walked away from that with one scratch, and I was bloody from head to toe. She helped me walk to my house, and told me it’s ok if I get her clothes dirty. I can go on, and on. I already miss her. Though I haven’t even seen her in person in years. We were friends. Our birthdays were exactly one month apart. May 6 and June 6….same year. We swore we were sisters when we were younger 😉

How could it be her time? Brain aneurism Christmas night? SHE’S ONLY 35!!!! I’m 35. She was so active, so happy, so loving……why? It’s so heartbreaking.

I wish I could thank her for the friendship so many years ago, and for the rekindled friendship of the past three years. 22737_309099847456_3680407_n (2)I love you, my dear friend. Rest In Peace.

4 thoughts on “Too Young

  1. I hate to hear of anyone’s passing. I am so sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace. So young, so tragic. I hope you, her family, and friends find comfort in being blessed enough to know her.
    If you need anything let me know.

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