Something Great

I believe we are all destined to do something great. Whether big or small, there is one feat we are all meant to accomplish….just us. The trick is to figure out what our “something great” is in life. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. How I feel like I am spread so thin, have so many responsibilities, and have a huge weight riding on my shoulders each day. At night, when I cannot sleep, I think about what it is all for. All the stress, all of the worry, all of the energy……at the end of the day, what have I even accomplished?

Then, my over processed brain, tends to wander to the thought of what if I have missed the opportunity to do my something great? What if I was approached with a choice in the past, and took the wrong path? Did I bypass my opportunity to change the world? Change a life? Be a better me?


Inside I feel that I was put here to do so much more, to be important, to make a difference. I feel I was meant to be more……but how will I know when I am more? Will I feel it, recognize when my something more has been done? It’s the drive inside me to find it, that keeps me going each day. It’s the desire to be more that makes me seek new challenges, and take on more than I can sometimes handle.

Maybe in the end, I will look back and see that my something more just might have been accomplished in my children. They are destined to do great things. Maybe it was some small gesture I did for a stranger, or a friend, and I didn’t even notice the impact I made at the time. I just have to keep being me, and keep being driven. I cannot lose focus of being the person I am meant to be.

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