It’s Ok To Admit You Need Help

I have NEVER been one to ask for help. Ever. I have always had a take charge attitude, almost superhero like to a fault. I take every situation and do my best to handle all of it. I will get overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted……and not ask anyone to help ease the load.

My mind starts to believe that if I don’t do EVERYTHING, then NOTHING will be done right. If I don’t handle the situation from beginning to end, it will get twisted up along the way, and I will have to swoop in and fix it anyway. Might as well go it alone, so it gets done right the first time. But then, it doesn’t. I am not perfect. I cannot do everything, in every situation, with 100% perfect, flawless outcomes. Hello?! What am I thinking? I am, after all, only human.

So, after being the superhero, that holds the weight of the whole world on her shoulders, I am recognizing that I am tired. With this tiredness comes more stress, and with the stress comes more situations that I cannot fix. It’s a slow spiral of pressure, that I alone have created. Those around me have stopped asking if they can help, because I have never taken them up on their offer.

Change is all around in my life right now, and this is one thing that WILL be changing. I will still be great, even if I don’t do everything. I can still be a superhero when asking for help. After all, every superhero had sidekicks to help them out, right? Or maybe I’ll just settle for no super powers, and a little less stress.

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