Don’t Blink

My Great-Grandmother used to always tell me that “the older you get, the faster time goes.” Of course,  I was a teenager at the time, so I’d politely say, “okay Grandma,” roll my eyes, and change the subject. Now that I am halfway to seventy, I am finally understanding what she had been talking about. Time is flying by!!

I used to think I had all the time in the world. I could do what I want, when I want. Things could wait to be accomplished, because I have all the time in the world. Dreams were put on hold, and priorities became jumbled. And before I knew it, doors are now closing, because time is slipping away.

My daughter, that I swear was just born, will be 14 next month. In two years, she’ll be driving!! In four more years, she will be 18, and going off to live her life away from me. What the heck?! Where has the time gone?

My parents are almost 60. It seems that every year I get older, they do too. My parents are almost 60?! Sixty used to be “old.” My grandparents were 60, and my parents were my age at the time. Now I am my parents’ age, and they are the grandparents. It’s scary to think of them getting older.

My son has always wanted to go hunting with my dad, and my dad always talks about wanting to take me hiking to see his favorite mountain spot. I always say, we are so far away (2 states), there will be time for that later…….but eventually there won’t be. The time is now, in this moment, to get all priorities in check.

The dirty dishes can wait, my 6 year old daughter wants to play a board game with me. My son wants me to play football with him outside, but the laundry is backed up….I’ll go get my coat. My oldest wants to read me her story that she’s been writing for weeks, I’m ready to listen. I’ll use some vacation time to go hang out with my parents. Because if time isn’t going to slow down, then I’d better make good use of the time that I’m given. So, when I look at my grandchildren, and tell them how fast time flies, I can at least know that I’ve lived every minute to the max.

Thank you Grandma for helping me see the importance of it all. You were the wisest woman I’ve ever known ❤

2 thoughts on “Don’t Blink

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  2. my mother used to tell me that as you get older time flies by even faster. I now know she was right. I guess it is a relative thing; one day relative to all the days you have lived is a small percentage, so the percentage gets smaller (and goes by faster) as you live more days, Confused? me too LOL

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