Family First

I love the holiday season. And I love making it a special time for my kids. But I'll admit, that each time a holiday rolls around, I get a little sad. It has been 15 years since I have spent any holiday with my side of the family. Now, don't get me wrong, I adore … Continue reading Family First

Let’s Start a Riot!

This post says it all ❤

A Journey

Actually, don’t.  That would be a bad idea.  There are already enough people hurting in the world today.

Last night, the city that I come to know and call home erupted in flames, violence, and chaos after the announcement of the grand jury decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.  Buildings and cars burned.  Shots fired.  Injuries.  Death.

We saw our world descend into darkness.  And the flickering flames cast evil shadows into the night.

Riot!  Riot!  Riot!  The crowd yells for justice.  And yet they don’t seek it out.  Their actions speak otherwise.  The result of their actions speak otherwise.  The pain and destruction speak otherwise.  The ruins speak otherwise.

I can see why people are frustrated.  Angry.  Upset.  But what I cannot begin to comprehend is the fact that a peaceful protest turns violent so quickly.  That riots erupt and people…

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It’s Ok To Admit You Need Help

I have NEVER been one to ask for help. Ever. I have always had a take charge attitude, almost superhero like to a fault. I take every situation and do my best to handle all of it. I will get overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted......and not ask anyone to help ease the load. My mind starts to … Continue reading It’s Ok To Admit You Need Help


Is it human nature to always complain about today, but long for everything that was in yesterday? Knowing that the today you are complaining about, will shortly be the yesterday you long for...... Change is scary, but it helps to keep you driven and moving forward. So that, maybe, you will no longer crave the … Continue reading Change

Don’t Blink

My Great-Grandmother used to always tell me that "the older you get, the faster time goes." Of course,  I was a teenager at the time, so I'd politely say, "okay Grandma," roll my eyes, and change the subject. Now that I am halfway to seventy, I am finally understanding what she had been talking about. … Continue reading Don’t Blink

Am I really failing at everything?

Our lives have taken on quite the change in the past three months. As a family of five, life can be so overwhelming. Running kids to this activity and that, keeping up with housework, etc. We decided to homeschool our three children, after a year long back and forth decision process. For reasons I will … Continue reading Am I really failing at everything?

I should have listened to my parents…..

When I was a teenager, I knew everything. Or I didn't really at all. My parents warned me about the usual things, like don't have too much credit card debit. I failed listening to that warning, by the way.  However, the one thing that always sticks in my mind is my mom telling me to make sure … Continue reading I should have listened to my parents…..